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Tips for Cooking With an Italian Cheese Blend

You might be wondering why you would even want an Italian cheese blend rather than just one type of cheese. Our question is, why wouldn’t you? The beauty of combining multiple Italian cheese types creates endless possibilities for both palate and purpose.

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Parmigiano, Romano, and Parmesan: What’s the Difference?

One of the most overwhelming parts of the cheese selection process is deciphering the differences between the plethora of cheese types available at the store.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fontal Cheese

At Cello, we like to refer to Fontal as one of our best-kept cheese secrets. This cheese is delicately hand-crafted, carefully shelf-cured, made with cow’s milk, and ready to hit your table in many forms.

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7 White Wine and Cheese Pairings for Your Next Gathering

Nothing says summer like chilled white wine and a beautiful cheese board. But when you head to the specialty cheese aisle in your nearest grocery store, how do you know which cheese to select? Once you’ve picked your favorite cheese, how do you know.

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