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Amber Cheese Flight

Perfectly paired, this trio of specialty cheese is sure to delight at gatherings. This cheese flight has Creamy English Cheddar, intensely fruity Monteau Alpine Cheese, and Mayan Cocoa Spice Rubbed Fontal paired for a delightful flavor experience.

English Cheddar Cheese

Slightly crumbly yet smooth at the same time, with nutty undertones, we dare say this melts in your mouth. It’s nutty and tangy, standing on it’s own, but playing nicely with other cheeses.

Monteau Alpine

This semi-hard, cow’s milk cheese delivers the perfect balance of taste, with intense flavors and hints of butter and hazelnut.

Mayan Cocoa Rubbed Fontal

An earthy and exotic blend of sweet, spicy Mayan spices is combined with real cocoa and coffee in a rub that adds rich flavors to this mild, creamy cheese. Cello fontal cheese rubs are added during the 60-day aging process to develop the signature flavor and texture characteristics. This creamy cheese with a uniquely intense spice blend is gluten and rBGH/rBST free.