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Our Story

Our Artisan Cheese, Your Artistic Confidence

The art of shopping, selecting, pairing, and presenting specialty cheese can feel intimidating and overwhelming. At Cello, our goal is to take our 75 years of experience and use it to make the process of learning about cheese as easy and enjoyable as eating it.

From classic Italian cheeses like Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, and Fontina to the distinctive flavors of our award-winning Copper Kettle, Cello is breathing new life into Old World cheesemaking in hopes that more people will discover and fall in love with specialty cheese.

Lovingly Crafted for Every Taste

All of Cello’s domestic cheeses are made at the Lake Country Dairy creamery and overseen by Master Cheesemaker Christophe Megevand. For Christophe, Cello is not about creating cheese to earn accolades by the most experienced cheese connoisseurs. Cello is about making great-tasting cheese for every palate and exciting cheese lovers both new and old.

He starts with the freshest milk, sourced primarily from four local family farms with a deep commitment to cow comfort and quality. Each Cello wheel is then hand-crafted, rotated one-quarter turn every day, and cared for by a dedicated team of artisan cheesemakers.

Persistence and commitment to the artisanal process have won Cello 100 worldwide awards since 2006, and we couldn’t be more proud to share our love for cheese with you. We hope our products, recipes, and inspiration encourage you to cheese confidently.