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Club Store Cheeses – Pumpkin Spice Wedge

Cello Fontal Cheese features a smooth, creamy texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor. This wonderfully buttery table cheese melts flawlessly, making it the best cheesy companion for sandwiches, pasta fillings, and sauces. This soft and mild cheese makes it the best choice for spice rubs that are sure to give cheese lovers an entirely new and exciting flavor experience. Cello offers 11 different types of rubbed Fontal cheeses for you to choose from. Experiment with every rub to become the go-to expert at any gathering.

A blend of cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and a touch of honey is hand-rubbed onto this creamy fontal wedge for a sweet, indulgent cheese tasting experience. Cello fontal cheese rubs are added during the 60-day aging process to develop the signature flavor and texture characteristics. This creamy cheese, with its signature and seasonal spice blend, is gluten and rBGH/rBST free.

Comes in:
1.2 lbs