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Celebration Cheese Flight

Cello’s Celebration Flight is a cheese flight featuring our Copper Kettle Parmesan, Tuscan Rubbed Fontal, and Altu.  

Copper Kettle Cheese
Our one-of-a-kind Copper Kettle cheese is crafted from an exclusive recipe. This hard, domestic is cheese is cooked in copper vats and aged for 16 months to create a rich, nutty flavor through the natural fermentation of cow’s milk. With a distinctly rich, cooked caramel finish and a blend of nutty and fruity flavor, your guests will never have to guess what cheese they’re eating but will always come back for more.

Altu Cheese
Our Altu is a Gruyere-style cheese made from cow’s milk and cured 180 days to channel the flavor, color, and texture of alpine cheese. This semi-hard cheese is made via a natural fermentation process and is free of rBGH. 

Tuscan Rubbed Fontal Cheese
Why travel to Italy when you can transport your tastebuds straight to Tuscany? A classic blend of Italian herbs and spices is hand-rubbed onto this creamy Cello fontal cheese wheel. Cello fontal cheese rubs are added during the 60-day aging process to develop the signature flavor and texture characteristics. This creamy cheese, bursting with Italian taste, is gluten and rBGH/rBST free.