Our Story

Music. It's the perfect metaphor for how we harmonize elements in the crafting of our cheese.

It's the ensemble of flavors and notes that engage your emotions and excite you the same way it feels when discovering a new favorite song.

From classic Italian cheeses like Parmesan, Romano, Asiago and Fontal to the distinctive flavors of our award-winning Copper Kettle, Cello is a new riff on Old World cheesemaking, with each cheese being a new discovery you can’t wait to add to your playlist.
A view from inside The Lake Country Dairy Creamery
The Lake Country Dairy Creamery All of Cello's domestic cheeses are made at the Lake Country Dairy creamery and overseen by Master Cheesemaker Christophe Megevand.

For Christophe, it's not about making cheese that's better than anyone, it’s about making something special that excites people. It starts with the freshest milk, sourced primarily from four local family farms who share a deep commitment to cow comfort and quality. Then each Cello wheel is hand-crafted, rotated one-quarter turn every day, and cared for by a dedicated team of artisan cheesemakers.

This persistence and commitment to the artisanal process has won Cello 100 awards since 2006 from all over the world.