Cello® Taleggio

Imported from Italy, Cello Taleggio is known as Italy’s number one washed rind cheese. It has a piquant, full flavor and a soft, creamy, buttery texture.  Its taste results from the salting process which lasts at the minimum 35 days.  This process also helps to form the outer rind and protect the outside surface.  Following the salting process, Cello Taleggio is seasoned in cells that create the natural environmental conditions of the caves the cheese was originally seasoned in Val Taleggio.  Currently, Cello Taleggio is produced in the province of Cremona.

Taleggio originated in Val Taleggio when the inhabitants of the valley began to make cheese in order to preserve the milk.  Taleggio was awarded the 2013 S. Lucio Award.  Futhermore, Taleggio was recognized as a DO cheese (Denomination of Origin) in Italy in 1988 and a DOP cheese (Denomination of Protected Origin) in the European Union in 1996.  Being considered a DOP cheese means it is protected by the European Union and its milk supply, production and seasoning must occur in these Italian provinces in order to consistently provide traditional Taleggio cheese its sweet, delicate taste.

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Serving Suggestions

Spread Cello Taleggio Cheese on crusty bread, serve with fruit, or complement any Italian dish to introduce a pleasing aroma and mild yet tangy flavor.

Seals & Awards