In today’s modern world, the most magnificent cheeses are still the result of hand made processes dating back multiple centuries.  These old world cheese making techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, preserving the authentic flavor and texture of wheels made many years ago.

The art of cheese making resides with the cheese maker, the person whose passion, experience and skill come together to create wheel after wheel of truly remarkable cheese.

For Cello and Cello Riserva cheese makers, quality isn’t just a part of the job – it is an obsession. Making great cheese starts with superior quality milk that is tested at the farm and continues to be tested through the entire brining and aging process until the finished wheel of cheese is packaged and delivered.

Depending on the type of hard cheese being made, milk is collected at different times throughout the day.  The cream is then separated and skimmed off and enzymes are added, enabling the milk to curdle.  All the curds are patiently broken into small granules using a special harp. Then the delicate cooking phase begins. The head cheese maker must skillfully control the heat to gradually expel water from the granules. As heat is removed, the curd pieces form a compact mass.

This cheese mass is carefully placed in a mold for a period of rest lasting one to three days.

After being removed from the mold, the cheese is immersed in brine (a solution of water and natural salt) for several days. This natural absorption of salt delicately flavors the cheese and permits long aging.

During the aging process, nature and the cheese maker work together in harmony. The cheese is turned at regular intervals and checked by experts for appearance, structure, flavor, and other characteristics particular to the cheese variety.  The delicate cheese making process is watched every step of the way by cheese makers who take great pride in their skill.

Once imported cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano have been aged properly and have passed the rigorous quality standards imposed by their respective Consortium in Italy, official certification marks are applied to their rinds.

Cello and Cello Riserva cheese makers are committed to delivering the expertise of Italian cheese making in every wheel of cheese.  Each wheel is a true work of art for you to enjoy.